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Information on Public Involvement in the Process

Public meetings and workshops will be held to heighten public awareness and solicit feedback from the community and key stakeholders. The public will be kept informed using written correspondence, media advertisement, Social Media and Internet outreach and other communication vehicles that will generate interest and acceptance of the Master Plan Update. Frequent and continued communication to keep the public apprised of important information and engaged in the overall planning process is the key to ensuring the Airport meets the community’s needs both now and in the future. An open line of communication will be maintained coupled with easy-to-understand information to encourage the public to take an active role in the Master Plan Update process.

Why Public Involvement is Important

Community awareness, participation and input are integral to achieve success, beginning early in the planning process and continuing throughout all phases of the Master Plan Update. Public involvement brings a variety of ideas and solutions into the Master Plan Update process. Overall, this process will help Pensacola International Airport better serve their customers and public. This public involvement program consists of different activities and actions to both inform the public and stakeholders and to obtain input from them.